Salman taseer

‘Taseer’ literally means ‘Impact’……The conviction of Shan Taseer

Light rays in pitch dark

My thoughts on the declaration regarding the faith of Ahmadis that all Pakistani’s have to make to obtain a passport, inspired by the actions of the person mentioned in my previous post.

As much as I love my country, and I do, there are some things we have to be brutally honest about. Pakistan is among the most corrupt countries in the world; 62nd of 178 according to Transparency International 2016. We also have among the lowest rates of investment in education in the world; 2% of GDP, which is half of what Bangladesh spends.

With such poor investment in human capital, we do, however, claim knowledge of the secrets of the heart that would allow us to adjudicate on the faith of our countrymen; wisdoms otherwise reserved only for God and His angels.

On the other hand, countries with fantastic records of human development like Singapore and the Netherlands, that have achieved levels of human well being that were unthinkable a generation ago, claim complete ignorance about the faith of their citizens.

It would be mildly amusing and perhaps tragic, if God, among all the nations of the world chose us; a nation so deeply corrupt and so tragically undereducated to know secrets that He withheld even from all His prophets. How solipsist and self obsessed must a nation be to believe a ridiculous proposition like that?

Yet, brothers and sisters, many of us do. Please know that you too subscribe to these outlandish ideas, unless you condemn the second amendment, and the disgraceful and obnoxious act of forcing Pakistanis to sit in judgement of their countrymen in order to obtain a travel document.

It may not work every time, but I strongly encourage my countrymen, next time they are renewing their passports, to insist with the officials of the passport office, that they do not sign that ridiculous declaration against their brothers and sisters, for a document that the state is lawfully bound to provide you.


اپنا تبصرہ بھیجیں